How to Set the Rent for a Room

Published 10/11/17 | Landlords | Tips for Landlords

Thanks to the changes in the Rent a Room Scheme made in the new budget, from April 2016 UK landlords will be able to make up to £7,500 TAX FREE through renting out a spare room in their home, as opposed to the previous £4,250. There are just a...

How to Post an Advert on Roomlala

Published 18/06/17 | Landlords | Tips for Landlords

Got a spare room in your house? Did you know that by renting your room out to a student or someone travelling for work, you could benefit from increased income every month? Read on to find out how easy it is to post an ad on Roomlala. Our easy...

How to Live with Several Lodgers

Published 26/09/16 | Landlords | Tips for Landlords

Renting out a spare room in someone’s home has now become a cheap accommodation solution for tenants and an extra source of income with many welcome advantages for landlords. However, you’ll need to learn how to live with several different...

How to Avoid Unpaid Rent

Published 18/02/15 | Landlords | Tips for Landlords

Certainly the most feared part of renting out a space is not getting paid on time. It’s well known that housing costs consume the largest chunk of one’s budget, and we’re sure that’s no different for you, however some tenants view the...

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